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In the Invisible Itch we interview interesting people. Whatever they say or bring to our show is very much their story. All the conflicts and inspirations that have made them what they are often makes for interesting conversation and essential listening. See what you think.

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Invisible Itch Podcast

Life as a Berlin Drag Queen

Episode Summary

In the latest edition we’re talking with Colin Comfort aka Gieza Poke, one of Berlin’s foremost drag queens.

Arriving in 2010’s Berlin, Colin reveals the story behind Gieza’s birth, choosing a drag name, making drag into a career and the effect that both social media and drag’s mainstream explosion is having on the Berlin club scene.

You can discover more about at Gieza at:


(00:00:10) – Intro

(00:00:43) – Tell us about your journey

(00:01:44) – What was it about Berlin that kept you here?

(00:02:36) – Did you know what you wanted to do in Berlin?

(00:02:56) – Did you feel back held by the language barrier?

(00:04:27) – So how did you get into drag?

(00:07:46) – Where does the name Gieza Poke come from?

(00:09:30) – Gieza’s background

(00:11:54) – How do drag queens come up with their drag names?

(00:12:00) – Do you think social media hinders emerging drag artists?

(00:14:47) – Finding Gieza’s voice

(00:15:52) – Do you think people are looking at drag as a career now?

(00:16:57) – Can the mainstream perception of drag be course corrected?

(00:17:07) – Do you think Berlin is conducive to a more creative kind of drag?

(00:23:04) – Do you think you’ll be going back to the Edinburgh Fringe?

(00:25:04) – Is Berlin ‘always’ better before you get here?

(00:27:50) – Can Berlin keep its identity in the face of club closures?

(00:31:12) – Have you seen an evolution in the Berlin drag scene?

(00:36:16) – How was your German citizenship test?

(00:43:12) – Where can we find your next performances?

(00:49:40) – Wishes for 2020

(00:54:03) – Outro

Taking a Breath on Brexit

Episode Summary

After the 30th commemoration of the Berlin Wall coming down, it seemed appropriate to discuss an invisible wall, that of Brexit.

Joining us in the studio is PeaceMyk, a long-time London resident gave his views on the Brexit process. Working in higher education that depends on EU grants, he still voted to leave the EU. Listen to his absorbing reasons why.

It isn’t the usual loud rhetoric you’ve heard before but a fascinating insight into a life-challenging situation. What matters more to you? Your job or the governance of your country?


(00:00:09) – Intro

(00:01:37) – Brexit from the inside

(00:04:41) – Where are you getting your information?

(00:05:29) – How did everyone vote?

(00:05:46) – So, why did you vote ‘Leave’?

(00:09:51) – Do you think people were taking Brexit seriously?

(00:14:22) – Are politicians leaders or representatives of the people?

(00:16:03) – How do you trust a man proven to be a liar?

(00:17:48) – Is ‘not voting’ a valid route to change?

(00:19:24) – Is there a way of getting Brexit and keeping Boris Johnson out of power?

(00:24:34) – Can Jeremy Corbyn run the UK when the Labour Party doesn’t share his views?

(00:25:22) – How should under-threat politicians react?

(00:32:55) – Would you settle for a hard Brexit?

(00:35:26) – Do you think Brexit will give Nigel Farage unnecessary oxygen?

(00:37:15) – Is there any way that Leave can deliver on their referendum promises?

(00:40:36) – How to micromanage politicans

(00:43:41) – Why should things change after Brexit?

(00:46:05) – So why are people not reacting to Brexit like the Poll tax?

(00:49:06) – If there’s a 2nd referendum, what should the choices be?

(00:57:21) – What do you think will actually happen?

(00:58:55) – Outro


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